[SHC World Poetry Month] “偶然 by Chance)” by 徐志摩 Xu Zhimo

by Grace Ka Ming Tsang and Ricardo To Ka Ho

Xu Zhimo (1897–1931) with his second wife Lu Xiaoman. Photo credits: Sina Blog

“By Chance” is a beautiful poem written by Xu Zhimo (1897–1931) about the meaning of “encounters” in life. Such encounters may change someone’s life forever and yet it is full of uncertainties.

I chose this poem because I am reminded of how life is made of many little encounters and coincidences. From this poem, we hope to remind ourselves of the little moments in our lives that make us who we are, as well as to cherish the encounters in life.

“By Chance” by Xu Zhimo. Recited by Grace Tsang and Ricardo To.

“偶然 (By Chance)”

by 徐志摩 Xu Zhimo

(English translation)

I am a cloud in the sky,

casting a random shadow in your mind;

you need not startle,

nor take delight

for I’d forthwith vanish out of your sight.

You and I met at sea in the darkness of night,

You have your destination, I have mine;

You may remember,

though it’d be best if you could forget,

we glowed as our paths crossed and brightly shined.


Recited by: Grace Ka Ming Tsang (Year 5, Faculty of Arts & Law) and Ricardo To Ka Ho (Year 4, Faculty of Medicine)

Produced by: Editorial Team of the SHC Media Club, Nicolo Ludovice, Sean Suntoso, Aurell Sulaiman, Chong Sze Teng

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