By Erica Widjaja

When one asks about the underlying source of inequality in the workforce, many people– and until recently, myself included –still believe that gender discrimination is to blame. In the past, that was accurate. Important facets of workplace prejudice in the 1950s were cultural and social gender norms which regard women as unequipped to participate in the labour force, thus rendering them to restrictive homemaker roles. Other factors also fueled the gaping chasm between gender earnings, such as lower education rates, lower workplace participation, and major undertaking of low-paying, “feminine” jobs by women.

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Photo by Standsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash

But that was almost seven…

by Anushka Tewari, SHC Media Team

SHC News Team’s guide on how to bring in the year of the Ox!

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Photo credit: Ying Chan

The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Hong Kong, with the city adorned in red and gold lanterns and the air ringing with excitement and auspicious greetings.

The festival’s date changes every year as it is determined by the lunar calendar, falling on the second new moon after the winter solstice on December 21. This year marks the Year of the Ox which starts on the 12th of February…

by Swapnil Joshi

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Mauricio (right) and I

My exchange semester in Finland had a rather unusual start. I vividly remember stepping out of the airport at three o’clock in the afternoon and looking up at the dark sky, feeling weird and a bit out of place. The airport was relatively quiet, so I nervously took the train and made my way to my designated apartment. I was about to meet my new housemate for the first time — but I had no idea who he was, or what he’d be like. As I entered the apartment, a guy in his early 20s erupted in…

by LIM Hui Yuan, SHC Media Team

Zooming into the new semester, here’s what you need to know about the upcoming semester.

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Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President & Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) announced last December that courses will be delivered in hybrid or online mode. Similarly, all final exams will take place online, unless otherwise noted.

The second semester’s add/drop period will be from January 18 to 16:00, February 1, 2021. The detailed schedule will be as follows:

by LIM Hui Yuan, SHC Media Team

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Jasper, aka “Professor Paws”, during his visit at SHC in 2019. Photo by SHC Media Team.

Jasper, HKU’s beloved therapy dog, passed away due to complications arising from his age and size following a leg surgery on Sunday 10 January 2021.

“He was at peace in his final moments and is in a better place now with his brother Cooper,” shared his parents on Jasper’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on Tuesday.

The 12-year old English sheepdog was rescued by Gary Chin, the HKU Libraries’ public relations and development manager. Jasper’s calm yet amiable personality led him to become the first certified therapy dog on campus. …

Nicolo Paolo Ludovice

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Balikbayan (repatriation) box. Source: Philippines Report

“I don’t think I will be able to come home for Christmas.”

Long silence.

“Because, you know, COVID.”

Another long silence.


As with many international students, I spend my holidays back home. My return to the Philippines is always an obstacle course. A two-hour flight, a distinct tropical humidity, long immigration queues, long lines for the airport taxi, then another three-hours on the road — two, if you are lucky. Then home.

The things that I have to do are like clockwork. Drop my bags. Bring out the egg tarts and immediately place them in the…

By LIM Hui Yuan, SHC Media Team

Shun Hing College Hiking Club kicked off the unconventional semester with two hiking sessions to the Dragon’s Back.

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Shun Hing College Hiking Club organised a hiking session to the Dragon’s Back on 27 September 2020. By popular demand, the club carried out another hiking event on 4 October. A total of 53 SHC residents joined the hiking sessions. Given the social distancing rules, the participants formed groups of 4 (including a team leader from the Hiking Club).

Dragon’s Back Trail is renowned for its stunning view and was selected by CNN as one…

by Harry Pham

Shun Hing College

Harry describes his journey to Hong Kong at the time of the coronavirus CoViD-19 pandemic. He hopes that this will serve as a guide to new and returning international students flying into HK for their studies.

  1. Before Taking Off

According to the Quarantine Procedures for entry via Airport, all inbound passengers must complete the Health Declaration Form and get a QR code which is valid for 48 hours after submitting the form. In the form, there is some important information that you have to provide: your phone number and the address at which you…

by Clement Woo

As a medical student, Clement Woo has thought about death a lot. In this piece, he wonders whether society needs to be more open about discussing the inevitable prospect of death. He believes the ongoing coronavirus epidemic makes these thoughts more relevant than ever.

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“Death comes for us all”

In his comedy special Repertoire, James Acaster riffs about schmoozing at a party. The trick, he says, is that you can’t let others prosper from the lovely little ice cubes you’ve created from breaking the ice. You unbreak the ice before you leave. …

by Po-Yu Liu

Editor’s note: This piece is part of the SHC PG Talks where we ask the postgraduate members of the college to discuss an aspect of their research or discipline and how it relates to the community. We invite the PG students to share your ideas, breakthroughs, and thoughts to us. Email us at

Have you ever entered a restaurant, stared at a menu with hundreds of dishes, and struggled with choosing what to eat? Or have you ever gone out for ice cream, went with a scoop of chocolate, only to regret your decision as your…

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